Sunday, 29 July 2012

My new best friend

What a wonderful weekend it has been. Although it began, a little stressful and flustered and all in all I was feeling rather irritated by the universe around me, but the stars aligned and I actually managed for the first time in a very, very, very long time to stumble across a beautiful and awakening sense of clarity and peace. This is something I have been searching for, for some time now and something that I am in quite vital need of.  Sure enough as 'they' (you know, the all powerful and mighty 'they'!) say, it came to me when I least expected but most definitely needed it.

It wasn't an earth shattering, boulder moving, firworking epiphany, it was just simply a feeling, a sense of clarity, comfort, security and calmness - all of these things I thought so elusive, until now. I just decided to accept, to really, truly and honestly accept, myself, just the way I am. I must give some credit to my new found hobby, astrology, which has enlightened me not to readings of the future or promises of luck but has reassured me that everyone is who they are and some parts of us are good, some parts are irritating, some are blunt and aggressive and some are passive, generous and kind, but more overly what ever they are, they are ours and we must own them, manage them (if needs be) and accept others for what they are. To some this may sound silly, supernatural, airy fairy goop but to me, to who it matters, it is a wonderful time of opening up to all kinds of new worlds, people and adventures without the inhibitions and the barriers of yesterday and is moving into tomorrow with a smile and bright feeling of peace with myself, my intuition and my future. I have decided to leave all of my inhibitions and fears at the door and so expect some true sharing and what I regard as special things to come. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too :) x

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